Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Differentiate Between a Satin and Silk Nightgown

A nightgown is one suit every woman loves wearing at night while sleeping and also while at home. Nightgowns are also among the things that are most likely to be included in the “hot list” for intimate wedding gifts. Whether you wear a nightgown for your usual sleeping routine or perhaps you wear an enticing gown for your honeymoon, it is important that you choose the one that is just right for you.

silk nightgown

Satin nattøj

Generally, nightgowns are made of soft mediums such as satin and silk. Depending on your own preference, you may choose a night gown that is made of silk or of satin. A lot of people tend to mistake silk from satin and vice-versa while others don’t just know that they are different from each other. Distinguishing the features of satin and silk is very important when shopping for a night gown in order for you to find the most comfortable sleepwear.


Silk differ chiefly from satin when it comes to the way they are fabricated. Satin is generally manmade and are crafted from a combination of polyester and nylon that are woven together while silk is a natural fabric which is produced from the fibers woven by the silkworms. 


Prices may vary depending on the brand of the nightgown and on where you buy it. Nightgowns made from silk are generally more expensive than satin nightgowns. You may find a variety of nice silk and satin night gowns at the lingerie section of the department store or from an exclusive lingerie shop.

Satin Set Natkjoler

Function and Feature

Another difference between satin and silk nightwear is their functions and features. Satin is somewhat denser and thicker as compared to silk. Satin may cause allergic reactions especially to people whose skin type is sensitive to synthetic fabrics while silk is universally hypoallergenic and it is suitable for all skin types. Having said this, if you have skin sensitivity issues, it may be perfect if you choose silk nightgowns over satin. 

Another thing to be considered is the comfort ability and the breath ability of each. Since satin is thick and dense, it is expected that it as well breathe a little less. Silk, on the other hand, is more permeable and it can easily absorb moisture and humidity quite well. 
When deciding which type of nightgown to choose, take into consideration your sleeping habit and your sleeping environment as well. If your room is a bit blistering, then silk nightgown is good for you. If your room is chilly, then you must pick a satin nightgown.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Tips on Choosing The Right Bra

balconette bra
Balconette Bra
Choosing the right fit of lingerie for you can be a difficult and tedious thing to do. This is true especially in the case of shopping for a bra. Basically, shopping for bras is not as easy as picking up your favorite ice cream flavor from the fridge. This is because, no matter how well you know your size, you still need to consider factors like comfort and support before finally deciding to buy one. You also have to consider the price, the quality and the design of the bra that you are planning to buy. Here are some of the basic facts that you may need to consider before trying to buy another piece of lingerie.

Why it is important to get the right bra?

You may ask, why should you exert some effort trying to look for certain types of bras when in fact you can use anything that is already available? Well, certainly there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when talking about bras. This is because each person has unique physique and thus needs different types and sizes of bra. Also, getting the right fit can help you avoid certain disorders attributable to ill fitted bras like muscle tension, headaches and back problems. Choosing the right size for you can make you look great without feeling uncomfortable and uneasy.

How will you know you are wearing a wrong bra size?

push up bra
Push up Bra
You can certainly know that you are wearing the wrong bra size by simply observing how you feel while wearing it. Once your bra is too tight for you, most likely it will be riding up your back and the straps will likely to dig deeper into your skin. Another thing that, when you are wearing ill fitted bras, you can feel that the bands are too tight for you and that the underwire (in case you are wearing a bra with underwires), is poking into your ribs. 

What is the ideal fit for a bra?

You may say that a certain bra is well fitted for your once you feel comfortable wearing it. By saying comfortable, it means that there would be no extra space or gaps. Also, a great bra fit has smooth cups without the presence of wrinkles when worn. The back portion of the bra should also rest evenly across the mid-section of your back and it should not ride up. 

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